A quick "tat" lazy cakes

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Hello. This recipe found in the vastness of the net... Hope you all like, and you will prepare my dish. Inexpensive and very tasty.

Ingredients for A quick "tat" lazy cakes

Step by step instruction of cooking A quick "tat" lazy cakes

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Yogurt to warm to lukewarm, add the soda, salt, sugar and stir, leave to stand for one minute.
Then gradually add the flour and knead to a thick dough was as sour cream or homemade like hotcakes.

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In the finished dough add the minced meat in the ratio of 1:1 ( it took me 0,5 kg), mix well. Fry on a heated pan in vegetable oil. Should be like hotcakes. I used a dessert spoon. Photos do not yet. Corrected.