Soy bread

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Propose a way to replace bread or other wheat, to soy, to solve many health problems. Soy bread is rich in protein, can replenish or Supplement the lack of protein from other foods. All the prejudices about the harm or the utility of the soybean can be concluded only in one frame, how your own body "accept this product". Soy bread may rightly be called the "Diabetics Kim".

Ingredients for Soy bread

Step by step instruction of cooking Soy bread

Шаг 1

Our products, soy flour, 2 eggs and vegetable oil, which you can replace with butter or margarine.

Шаг 2

When we vamesii the dough, then just attach the necessary form.

Шаг 3

Put in oiled bowl multivarki, our molded bread.

Шаг 4

Putting the "baking" for 1 hour, and after heating for 15 minutes. Remove from the slow cooker, allow to cool and cut into portions. In the classical sense hardly we can call it the "bread", but my "spoiled" the taste took this product!.