Salad of black lentils

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I think that not everyone is familiar with black lentils and its properties, a few words about her. Black lentils, also called Beluga, may be the most interesting among the other species: its grains are actually black, small 2-3 mm shiny, and the appearance may resemble caviar – it is said that Beluga it was called that is why. Composition black lentils are similar to other species, but the nutrient content in it is somewhat higher: up to 35% protein, are easily digestible by our body; up to 53% carbohydrates, including complex; about 2% fat, vitamins a, C, b group – especially a lot of folic acid, making black lentils are an essential product for pregnant women and young children; minerals - potassium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, etc. Black color lentil is due to the high content of pigment with antioxidant properties so people who are prone to cardiovascular and oncological diseases, it is very useful as those who want to maintain their youth and health. Today, many women have heard about the isoflavones – plant estrogens, is able to extend a biological youth and delay the onset of menopause – they are the Beluga lentil is also rich; in fact, isoflavones and men need – they help protect from diseases of the prostate gland. I decided to make a salad, and it was very, very tasty, I advise everyone to prepare.

Ingredients for Salad of black lentils

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad of black lentils

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Wash the lentils and fill with water, pour sufficient, not greedy. Bring lentils to a boil and cook for twenty minutes. Add salt at the end of cooking. Then discard in a colander.

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While the lentil is cooking, cut the pumpkin cubes, and open in boiling water to omit the diced pumpkin and cook for 5-7 minutes, until tender. Discard in a colander, dry and then fry in a pan.

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Then chop the onion half rings, put in a pan with olive oil,

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By 2min. add honey, soy sauce and wine and cook until liquid is boiled.

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Assemble the salad, put the lentils in a bowl, add the onions with the liquid, stir, then sprinkle the pumpkin, and add the chopped herbs and crumbled cheese, drizzle with olive oil. You can add red hot pepper. Ready. BON APPETIT.