Cake "kiss"

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I recommend to make this delicious cake, it will be lovely in the summer heat, it's almost ice-cream cake, but not quite... Two of cream - creamy berries and cream and chocolate are mixed into the kiss with a gentle kiss... how is it divinely delicious!!! The meringue for this recipe turns out not cloying, well, if You don't want to bake the meringue, take the purchase.

Ingredients for Cake "kiss"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake "kiss"

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To start bake the cake with the meringue. Very IMPORTANT! Heat the oven to 100-110 degrees, if the temperature is higher, you get high, uneven layer of meringue. Vzbit 3 protein with a pinch of salt, 175 g sugar and lemon juice.

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Put the mass in a split mold with a diameter of 23 cm, lined with oiled paper, and flatten it. Dry in the oven for 2 hours. Remove the meringue from the form, cool.

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Soak in 2 tablespoons of water in gelatin. Sort through the berries and half to do with the help of a blender puree, then pass through a sieve to get rid of the seeds. I did an encore two versions of the cake with raspberries and raspberry+currant. I liked the raspberry, husband - raspberry+currant, it was sour.

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Whisk on a hot water bath for 5 egg yolks, wine, 120 g of sugar. I replaced the wine on the cream. To dissolve gelatin, mix with the cream and allow to cool at room temperature.

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Whip the cream and carefully mix in the ground.

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Divide the cream into 2 parts. Mix one melted white chocolate, and the other purees. Separate the meringue from the paper, for this, with a spatula, slightly lift the meringue from all sides. Together with paper, put it back in a split form, line a rimmed roll-shaped paper. Put on meringue white cream in the middle put the berry cream, sprinkle with the remaining berries, dip the berry in the cream and with a fork make a marble pattern on the cream, gently mixing both cream. Put in FREEZER for 3 hours. Remove from the mold, decorate to your liking.