Apple cider vinegar

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About the benefits of Apple cider vinegar written very much. Most useful probably is the vinegar made at home. Recipes very much. Share the recipe, which my family prepare this vinegar for more than 30 years.

Ingredients for Apple cider vinegar

Step by step instruction of cooking Apple cider vinegar

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Tie an overhand in one layer of gauze and put on 10 days in a dark warm place! (I put in the kitchen table). MORNING AND EVENING, ALWAYS A GOOD MIX WITH A WOODEN SPOON FOR 10 DAYS!

Шаг 2

Take out the bread when it starts to wander (usually, when the heat if the night did the morning wanders, you can pull out and throw out bread; if not, then in the morning take out bread, mix with a spoon and put back the bread until fermented, then throw away the bread.)

Шаг 3

Over time, there is a bug that loves to sit on the gauze.

Шаг 4

And once again: MORNING AND EVENING, always a GOOD MIX with a WOODEN SPOON FOR 10 DAYS!

Шаг 5

After 10 days, drain, squeeze well.
Add 1 liter of liquid, 50 grams of sugar.
Cover with one layer of gauze

Шаг 6

Supply for 60 days (2 months) in a warm dark place and not to touch. After 60 days, is formed on the surface of acetic uterus, like Kombucha. It is an indicator of quality

Шаг 7

After that, drain from the sediment.

Шаг 8

Pour into container. Store in the refrigerator or basement.

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About the benefits of Apple cider vinegar all know, because it is used not only in cooking and is used in folk medicine and for external and internal use.
In addition, on the basis of Apple cider vinegar you can prepare any fruit vinegar, such as strawberry, grape, and cherry.
Today, among her favorites are grape and cherry, (strawberry, unfortunately after a month loses its smell and color).
In pictures vinegar made last year based on the varieties of apples "kind", but in General this vinegar can be prepared from a variety of apples, starting with the white filling. Vinegar, depending on the varieties of apples, get a different taste. Especially sweet taste obtained from a variety of pink filling, Stifel, Titovka.

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Wash the apples, cut clean cored, cut off the bruised side. (photo double)

Шаг 11

The apples rubbed on a grater.

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Шаг 13

Measure out the lukewarm water (30-40 degrees), stir c sugar.

Шаг 14

Take a container with a wide throat, well, if from clay. (if not, you can take a 3-liter jar, put on her black sack, tie under the neck, so they do not get light). To pour out the grated apples.

Шаг 15

Pour the apples with water and sugar, put a crust of rye bread.