Green onions

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I have two children, live in a private home, the garden thus, and sometimes onions at the tip begins to turn yellow and fade, to be honest I really feel sorry for him and I decided to freeze onions and why not? For 9 years, every winter we have on the table greetings from summer!!!

Ingredients for Green onions

Step by step instruction of cooking Green onions

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Wash, dry and finely chop the onion

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This is the first option : I have little bags, enough for a couple of times, take a bow pour it in a bag, crush with your hands to pack out all the air and twist tightly, put into the freeze, I use in salads, soups, sauces, etc, saving space in the freeze.

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The second way:shift the onions in a jar -a container, tightly sealed and in the freezer, since I have a large fridge to me there is enough space under these jars.