Okamura pickles

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I had a chance to visit the kitchen, in the Czech brewery, that's where I saw these pickles. There they served with the pate of bacon and fresh onions. A method of cooking, these Japanese cucumbers, I don't know if this is true... But then you have to start.

Ingredients for Okamura pickles

Step by step instruction of cooking Okamura pickles

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Here are all the products that we need.

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Cucumbers cut into small wedges, peel and not clean.

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Ginger three on a small grater or cut into rings. If You do not have fresh ginger you can take a powder.

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Boil marinade water, salt, sugar and ginger. Salt and sugar can add or remove to your liking. Bring to a boil, cook 5-7 minutes. Add the vinegar, I had 8 %. Cook for another 2-3minutes. Off.

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Put cucumbers in there where they will marinate, cover them with the marinade, do not forget our ginger. Leave to cool at room temperature. After 5 hours cucumbers ready. Store in the refrigerator.

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And you can prepare in the morning and evening to try. For example with couscous.

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And you can just for a snack.

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Eat healthy.