Melon aperitif

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Aperitif́ — a dish served before a meal and causes the appetite, salivation and improves digestion. As appetizers use of alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, juices. Popular aperitifs, vermouth, sherry, Campari, brandy, Becherovka, ouzo. From soft drinks — mineral water and carbonated soda water and plain chilled water. The best juices for drinks, serve lemon, orange, grapefruit, pomegranate, tomato, birch, melon, grape (unsweetened grapes). it is a delicious aperitif with a rich taste of ripe melon. Its special fruity fragrance awakens in you a joyful holiday mood. It's just very tasty.

Ingredients for Melon aperitif

Step by step instruction of cooking Melon aperitif

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We need-yogurt 50ml, melon (fruit juice) 50ml and 100g puree, bacon or ham 2 slices.

Шаг 2

Chop 50g of melon into slices and squeeze the juice,100g. melon punch in a blender,

Шаг 3

Then blend the juice with the yoghurt and add the feast of the melon, and beat again

Шаг 4

A little bacon to fry and put on a skewer (very thin slices).

Шаг 5

Ready to pour the aperitif into the cold drinks, the aperitif is served in small cups, and put a skewer with bacon. BON APPETIT.