Raspberry jam "the Granny"

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All ingenious is simple, this statement can better describe this recipe))) jam turns thick, raspberries in it remain intact, the color of the jam is full bodied Reds. Why write this recipe? Yes, because making jam this year in various ways failed to achieve the same texture, appearance and taste "jam, as my grandmother". I tried to do with water, but it is not the same consistency. So used the recipe that is tested over the years in our family, it didn't disappoint. May write more for myself, not to look for next time. For sure, for experienced cooks - it will not open. I don't know if the site has already this is the recipe. But looking at the ingredients, raspberries and sugar in exactly such a way is not found. For this recipe you can make and strawberry jam. It turns out very tasty ( except for the fact that my strawberries and iterate from tail)

Ingredients for Raspberry jam "the Granny"

Step by step instruction of cooking Raspberry jam "the Granny"

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So, raspberries iterate from debris and bad berries, NOT MINE.

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Next, pour the raspberries and sugar in a saucepan layers. A Cup of raspberries, a Cup of sugar, and so on.

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The remaining sugar is sprinkled on top. Leave the pot for a few hours, so gave raspberry juice. The first secret: don't use cooking water ( water is a liquid jam and berries too soft). Put on the fire, allow to boil. You can stir, but very little and gently, so as not to damage the berries. Skim off the foam. The second secret: after boiling the raspberries leave slowly bubbling for 15 minutes, but no more, if a long time to boil the color will be brown.

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Banks sterilize them. Sterilization method: wash the jar and then put it in the oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes ( in principle, can also be attributed to secrets, because usually banks on a steam bath to sterilize)))
Cover sterilize in the usual way, leaving them to simmer in water for 5-10 minutes.

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Actually then spread jam on the banks. And in the winter enjoy the result.

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Bon appetit!