Jam "cherry jelly"

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It's not just jam, it's a ready-made dessert. Remains in the winter to get a jar of this yummy, and enjoy... the Recipe was on the Internet and I'm happy to share them with you, dear cooks :)

Ingredients for Jam "cherry jelly"

Step by step instruction of cooking Jam "cherry jelly"

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The recipe I decided to put when I tried the result was a set of products from what is left :) Take a cherry and detachable from the bones until fill up to the top 3l of the bottle (the Bank). This is the most laborious and lengthy point of the whole process..

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Pour the prepared cherries into the pan in which we cook preserves, preferably wide with a thick bottom, add the sugar and put on fire. At this time fill up the gelatin with hot water and leave to swell. When our jam comes to a boil, cook them for 5 minutes, turn off and add swollen gelatin. Stir well and immediately pour in jars and roll covers. From the specified quantity of products turned out 6 half-liter jars and a small bowl (sample)