Turkish snack

428 - 240 минут 4 порции

Found the recipe in grandma's cookbook and prepare it for many years - it is very tasty preparation for the winter - and the festive table, and just in time for dinner.

Ingredients for Turkish snack

Step by step instruction of cooking Turkish snack

Шаг 1

Cut large eggplant

Шаг 2

Also coarsely cut tomatoes

Шаг 3

Bulgarian pepper

Шаг 4

Cut onion in quarters and another in half - 1/8 turns out, and dismantle the petals

Шаг 5

Garlic cut into slices

Шаг 6

Hot pepper cut into pieces

Шаг 7

Blender + 5 seconds and is ready =)) Sundry - cut finely

Шаг 8

Dill or parsley finely chop

Шаг 9

Put all the ingredients in a pan, add oil, sugar, salt, vinegar and simmer for approximately 1-1. 5 hours or more until tender.
Sterilize them by banks - as you like - (I pour over boiling water), fill with hot appetizer and twirl.
Delicious winter feast! =))