Fruit pudding with tapioca pearls

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A huge number of recipes can be prepared from fruit and vegetable juices. Here is another simple, delicious and healthy recipe.

Ingredients for Fruit pudding with tapioca pearls

Step by step instruction of cooking Fruit pudding with tapioca pearls

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Wash fruit-apples clean from the skin, cut the peaches to remove the core and slice the grapes.

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Then you need to take some of the apples and all the grapes, squeeze the juice.

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Put remaining fruit in a saucepan pour the juice, add sugar and ginger, add water, cook for 15minutes. Remove the fruit from the pan (do not throw, and this is another recipe without any waste, punching in a blender, add the sugar 1: 1 and cook until thick, nice jam, photo attached).

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Continue to dissolve in cold water, the tapioca, and pour into pan with fruit liquid, stir, cook for another 10-15min.

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READY, a wonderful pudding to cool and enjoy. BON APPETIT

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JAM, help yourself, very tasty