Salad "tel Aviv"

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I want to offer you a warm and hearty salad. Its components and style, it is very similar to the city of tel Aviv. At the bottom of the explanation why. Try!

Ingredients for Salad "tel Aviv"

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad "tel Aviv"

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Peel and cut into cubes (about 2×2cm)potatoes.

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Boil water, add sliced potatoes, bring to boil, strain and allow to drain. Fry potato cubes in vegetable oil (deep oil). drain on a paper that would have gone the excess oil). to place them in a bowl.

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Cut the mushrooms in large pieces. I have portabelo.

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And fry them in a small amount of vegetable oil (ideally olive), fold in the bowl with potatoes.

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Onion chopped coarsely

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And fry in small amount of vegetable oil (ideally olive). Fold in the known bowl

Шаг 8

The garlic cloves cut into quarters. And fry in small amount of vegetable oil (ideally olive). the degree it will turn brown-to your taste. fold in the well-known bowl.

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Beef cut into not very thick (but not thin), oblong slices.

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And fry in nebolshom the amount of vegetable oil (ideally olive). when the meat is "closed"-season with salt and pepper, roast until it will turn brown and tender. fold in separate bowl.

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Prepare the dressing.
squeeze the juice from the orange or tangerine or Clementine is not important, the most important of "sweet" citrus. squeeze the juice from a grapefruit I got red. but you can do it only on orange juice.
add the mustard and olive oil, salt, pepper, and beat well.

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Collect salad.
on a plate put the cold, mixed salads.

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In the known bowl, mix everything except the meat, toasted the ingredients (they are still warm)

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And put on the salad.

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Up remove the meat

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Pour with the dressing

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All. Serve while warm.
and let you be delicious!