Basturma at home

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Why not! If you like beer like I love him? How good it feels to sit on a hot day in the shade, sipping a SIP, and periodically send in your mouth salted pistachio, or a strip of roach or a slice of spicy pastrami! That's about the pastrami, I tell you today. If you have patience then it is really cracking it at least every day. And even without the beer. Because at least to wait for her readiness and long, then you cook it is extremely simple.

Ingredients for Basturma at home

Step by step instruction of cooking Basturma at home

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First you need to prepare tenderloin – cut from the film.

Шаг 2

Then pour coarse salt at the rate of 60-70g of salt per kilo of meat

Шаг 3

Remove meat to a bowl, cover with cling film and put in the fridge for three days.

Шаг 4

During these three days would be good once or twice daily (e.g. morning and evening), pull out the meat, flip to the other side to evenly was prosolilos.

Шаг 5

After this time the meat should be removed and put to vymachivanija three hours (room temperature water). The rule is simple - three days have sailosi three hours steeped. The fact that the salt penetrates unevenly into the center of the piece and at the end of the Ambassador in the outer layers of the salt concentration three times higher than in the center of the piece. Soaking in water to leach salt solution from the surface layers of the meat and therefore, when further processing the alignment of the salt concentration on the volume of piece (equalization) is much faster. During soaking the meat not only lose the excess salt, but gain the unwanted water. Therefore: Soaked a piece of meat laid on a paper towel.

Шаг 6

Cover with another towel

Шаг 7

And then put the Board and oppression. And leave so on an hour-two or three - depends on the size of the piece. Than a piece, the more will take the water, the longer they will have to squeeze

Шаг 8

When all the excess water squeezed out and the towels are almost dry the next stage.

Шаг 9

I want to note that there are two opposite opinions - at what point should be applied in a spicy coating to the future of the pastrami.

Some do it immediately, but someone (and I include him) first podvalivaet meat.
We must hang it in a dry place away from direct sunlight and protect from flies – to save from flies you can cover a piece of gauze.
Process podvyalivaniya lasts two or three days. During this time the concentration of salt in meat is completely aligned throughout the volume of the piece.
The last step is to coat the pastrami spicy paste and leave it valitse until tender. Mix spices (if necessary, crushing them)

Шаг 10

Pour mixture of boiling water and stir – it is necessary to obtain the consistency of mayonnaise. When spices are steamed and swell – all the flavors in the pasta stir, and Chaman will secrete mucus which pasta and will get a sticky consistency.

Шаг 11

Coat the eggs with this paste. To do it in two stages. First coat as it will,

Шаг 12

Then wait when the first coat dries and then apply a second coat - which is already diligently razravnyat

Шаг 13

This whole cooking process is finished, it remains only to hang basturma getting dry. Again, it is necessary to cover it with gauze from the flies, and it is desirable not to expose under direct sunlight (otherwise unevenly dry).

The drying process depending on temperature and humidity can last from one week to three.

To check the readiness is very simple - feel your pastrami - when she of elasticity will be the same as a cured sausage from the nearest store - can be cut.

Шаг 14

Yes, at first glance, the recipe gemorroyno, but if you look carefully:

First day - salting - 10 minutes
For 5 minutes the next two days (out of the fridge/paraver nut) total 10 minutes.
Leave vymachivanija - 5 minutes to fill a Cup of water for 5 minutes to prepare it for drying.
5 mins to hung out to dry.
After three days, prepare the spice mixture and coat the pastrami (10min).

A total of 45 minutes of personal time spent and expectations a total of two weeks.