Marinated garlic with gooseberries or grapes

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This recipe I found long ago in the old black-and-white booklet of recipes and for many years worked tirelessly and with great love using it. It tried to roll garlic quiche-Misham tasty, but still expensive, as a result came to a simple option to roll up the garlic with the gooseberries. The most delicious variant with the red gooseberry is sweet, and so delicious that honestly, the first dish that is often scatters gooseberry, eat it, even children.

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Ingredients for Marinated garlic with gooseberries or grapes

Step by step instruction of cooking Marinated garlic with gooseberries or grapes

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Garlic is well my, carefully cut off the root of the butt remove the top of the husk, but not to fanaticism, large head breaks in half, to make it easier to lay in banks, a Central stem from the garlic take out. Gooseberries only my tails and twigs do not remove, roll up so you can do things on your own and if you want to trim off the excess.

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In sterilized jars with layers stacked garlic, voids fill with gooseberries, pour cans clean with boiling water and let them stand 10 minutes, then pour the water into the sink.

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Cook the brine: in water add salt and sugar, allow to boil and then carefully add vinegar. Fill the cans with the contents of the boiling brine and roll. A specified quantity of brine is enough for 4 half-liter cans.

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Banks roll over and wrap it up to cool. Now we have to wait for the provisions of 50-60 days and you can taste our garlic.
Make sure that rolled banks are perfectly stored at room temperature.