Rolls Boston and not only

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Again, the rolls. This time I did everything right! It turned out not worse the purchase, plump!

Ingredients for Rolls Boston and not only

Step by step instruction of cooking Rolls Boston and not only

Шаг 1

a Cup of rice - about 400 grams

Шаг 2

wash the rice very thoroughly until the water is transparent

Шаг 3

pour the rice with fresh water (a Cup and a bit). cooked my rice for 15 minutes over medium heat, or slightly more, until the water has boiled away, the pan remove from heat, leave for 15 minutes alone.

Шаг 4

make a sauce for the rice 2 tbsp rice vinegar,

Шаг 5

2 tbsp. spoons of sugar,

Шаг 6

2 teaspoons of salt (no slides)

stir properly, until the end it is not stirred

Шаг 7

rice spread in a flat dish, pour the sauce

Шаг 8

with a wooden spatula cutting movements and mix up the sauce, then obmakivaem a fan until cool to the end

Шаг 9

avocado remove the seed, peel

Шаг 10

cucumber peel, cut into strips, the fish is also razvivaem into long strips

Шаг 11

On the Mat lay a sheet of nori (dry hands! once wet, he winces and it has not spread then!), on the nori - rice. If you want big fat rolls for the entire sheet

Шаг 12

if thinner to 2/3 of the sheet

Шаг 13

smear wasabi stripe

Шаг 14

put green onion, avocado

Шаг 15

smoked fish and cucumber. For Boston, add more salted fish.

Шаг 16

wrap as tightly as possible

Шаг 17

such a thing

Шаг 18

make them as you need with different fillings - I made with salt fish and avocado, with crab shelves and cucumber, with onion and without him... but the most delicious - Boston - green onions + avocado + cucumber + smoked fish + salted fish. Leave on 15 minutes, cutting easier. Yes! those rolls 2/3 rice to the nori tight ponytail stuck - lightly moisten the roll with some water - the stripes on the rug and wraps it.

Шаг 19

cut with a sharp knife

Шаг 20

beautiful ?

Шаг 21

you can make more sushi

Шаг 22

here they are - rolls, "Boston"

Шаг 23

Here such set.