Tkemali in the bread maker

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This year is so much ugly in our country - only manage harvested. Only here there is too much time, especially when still spinning under the feet of toddlers-twins. And so want winter to treat myself and my husband some sweets. So I had to customize a few recipes for preserves and sauces under his assistant-bread maker. Among them is our favorite, asparagus. The calculation is given for 1 liter of puree made from fresh plums.

Ingredients for Tkemali in the bread maker

Step by step instruction of cooking Tkemali in the bread maker

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From plums to prepare. For this plum pour water to slightly cover and cook for a few minutes to our plum seethe. Then RUB them through a sieve or colander, removing any bones.
The removable bowl HP pour 1 liter of plum puree, add butter, salt, sugar, chopped garlic, pepper, coriander. To choose the mode of "Jam" and click on "start".

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10 minutes before end of cooking KHP to open and taste the gravy for salt and sugar and, if desired, add the greens. Prepared tkemali pour into dry sterile jars and roll.

Ground red pepper can be replaced with chilli pepper pod. And again. This amount of sugar is suitable for sour varieties of plums and cherry plums.