Carefully balanced pie

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One day I was attracted by the pie recipe Ciasto doktadnie zwazone, which translated from Polish means carefully crafted cake, which is based on exact weight of eggs, and their weight begins the story of the pie. Do not undertake to say how this is a Polish recipe, but with confidence I assure you, pie is magical.

Ingredients for Carefully balanced pie

Step by step instruction of cooking Carefully balanced pie

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So, for the crust, take the exact weight of in-shell eggs. I had a village eggs, small size, whose weight was 302 g

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Exactly how heavy are eggs in the shell, measure out the brown sugar TM Mistral, flour and butter. All ingredients should be at room temperature.

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With plums I already baked a cake, this time I decided to bake with apricots. Plums or apricots, wash, dry, cut into two halves, remove seeds.

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Sift flour with baking powder.

Шаг 5

Soft butter beat with a mixer with sugar and a pinch of salt until fluffy mass, it will take at least 5-7 minutes whisking.

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Add in the beaten mixture one egg and 2-3 tbsp flour, continuing to whisk, until you input all the products. Add the lemon zest. The dough was as sour cream.

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The form to lay baking paper, grease with butter, sprinkle with flour.
Option 1. Put the dough on the dough halves of apricots with skin down and sprinkle with brown sugar.

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Option 2. Spread in a greased form 1/2 of dough, on the dough, apricots and cover the other 1/2 of the dough.
The weight of this quantity of egg, 302 g, the best fit form with a diameter of 23 cm.

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Bake in a well preheated oven 175*-180* 50 minutes, focusing on your oven. To check on a dry match.

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Pie cool on a wire rack.

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Ready cake sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve.

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Very gentle, moderately moist, fragrant and delicious pie! Bon appetit!