Cottage cheese pie with herring and beets

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Like herring, beets, cottage cheese, or just want to diversify your menu with an interesting pate? Then invited to the tasting. My children not liking cottage cheese, but, to my surprise, gladly asked for more. If you have already cooked beets and herring fillets, the cooking paste (spreads) is less than 15 minutes. Tender and, at the same time. spicy, interesting taste.

Ingredients for Cottage cheese pie with herring and beets

Step by step instruction of cooking Cottage cheese pie with herring and beets

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I have cottage cheese, soft, more like cottage cheese. If you have a cottage cheese is granular and dry, wipe it through a sieve.

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Herring fillets (I had mackerel its Ambassador) and cut into small pieces, and beets into small cubes, finely chop the garlic. All grind using the immersion blender. You can also very finely chop the herring fillets, beets RUB on a small grater, garlic skip through chesnokodavku.

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Tried it, seemed to me insufficient quantity of salted fish, added another piece. (so in the ingredients I point out the estimated amount, taste the taste, much depends on fish).