Pita bread-loaf "gentle"

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Bought a delicious cheese and cream from the minimum products you get a prescription. I did not find this on the website...

Ingredients for Pita bread-loaf "gentle"

Step by step instruction of cooking Pita bread-loaf "gentle"

Шаг 1

With the pita I was a bit unlucky. love to make one big fat roll, but this one was dry and broken at the folds, I had to cut, do Not worry-there will be three rolls

Шаг 2

Make cream... I bought cottage cheese"Cremetto", you can make any cheesecake... add the cream sour cream (less oily and not gustot to help the filling spread)shuffle iaem

Шаг 3

My dill, do not regret cutting all thick branches, we have the same "sissy":)))

Шаг 4

Finely chop and add the cream

Шаг 5

Cut the salmon (I have a pig. boiled-smoked, without fat layers)large straws

Шаг 6

Collect the loaf, each leaf of pita spread the stuffing, not missing a single corner to the edge put the ham

Шаг 7

And ... turn, but not tightly, because the filling will begin to"crawl" the only one left to fold the rolls in the fridge, and that will not be cut, can be eaten whole, but it is better cut into pieces