Salad "uncle Bens" home

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Yes, there are uncle Bens, but there is no one ingredient -GARLIC! It's just amazing))) Yesterday made 4 small jars, 1 in the evening already ate 1 at work took, her to work and ate 1 husband home for dinner or ate... 1 left))) will Have to do a lot)))

Ingredients for Salad "uncle Bens" home

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad "uncle Bens" home

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Instead of tomatoes I use tomato paste.

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1. Tomatoes with garlic mince.
If you take tomato paste (2-3 tablespoons of watching in colour), then squeeze it in a garlic whole, add sugar, and salt.

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2. In a bowl (saucepan or deep frying pan) pour the sunflower oil, add the zucchini (finely diced or shredded). Mix. Pour the mixture of tomatoes and garlic. Mix well.
Leave for 20-30 minutes to stew under the lid. Stir occasionally, watching to not burnt. As needed, add more butter.

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3. Until all cooked, chop the pepper (again, as you like, or into strips or cubes).

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Add in the zucchini. By this point the squash should be well othusitse. Pour in the vinegar. Mix well. And again leave to simmer 15-25 minutes.

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4. Try))) Like It?