Pilaf chicken

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Standard plov from mutton or pork, and I sometimes make chicken, is also tasty.

Ingredients for Pilaf chicken

Step by step instruction of cooking Pilaf chicken

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First, take the chicken, cut away all the meat, where we leave meat on the bone.
Meat placed in a pot or a roaster (pan). Fry in sunflower oil with onions.
Carrots cut into cubes and add to the chicken.

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When the meat is browned, fill with rice (I used long pasta), give it a little bit to soak up the oil (literally 3 minutes). DO NOT DISTURB!

Шаг 3

Fill with cold water - 2 cups (you can even pour water on the eye, it should be at 2 fingers from the rice). Add all the spices, cloves of garlic "buried" in Fig. DO NOT DISTURB!

Шаг 4

Code the water will be a little vitosevic, put a peeled head of garlic (but it has an extruded one piece to stay) for flavor and close the lid. To leave it simmering for approximately 15 minutes.

Шаг 5

When the rice is ready, remove the garlic and discard it.
All the pilaf of chicken ready. Bon appetit!