Squid under a fur coat of bread crumbs

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Very fast and fairly budget option for dinner at home. A minimum of effort and time, and the result will please you, I'm sure. Squid to be tender and crisp on top perfectly complements the soft filling.

Ingredients for Squid under a fur coat of bread crumbs

Step by step instruction of cooking Squid under a fur coat of bread crumbs

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1. Squid washed. If untreated squid, remove the entrails, chitinous plate, rinsed again. Lower for 30 seconds in boiling water, remove from heat and let them cool slightly in the water (ideally to room temperature, but not necessarily). Drain the water and clean (if squid uncleaned) coagulated film. Cut squid strips with a width of about 0.5 cm.

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3. Add to the squid in the soy sauce and leave to marinate for 5 minutes. For seafood I always use light soy sauce, in my opinion it is quite good highlights their delicate flavor, but does not interrupt it.

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4. Grate cheese on a fine grater. Squid gently squeeze, lay out in small portions molds, pre-oiled. Can be cooked in one big form, but I prefer a La carte option. Mix cheese, bread crumbs, add a little olive oil. The mixture should be slightly oily, but not wet. It is important not to overdo it with olive oil. Spread the crumbs with the cheese on top of the squid evenly.

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5. Put in a preheated 200 degree oven and bake under the grill until the formation of a crispy Golden brown (about 15-20 minutes, depends on oven).