Mackerel in Polish sauce

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All dishes in all kinds like fish. This time cooked in the microwave oven, turned out delicious! When her trade was pleased that there were no specific fishy smell.

Ingredients for Mackerel in Polish sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Mackerel in Polish sauce

Шаг 1

Fish nice and cold.

Шаг 2

Put to boil the eggs until they are cooked, take the fish.
Fish wash, remove the insides, Pat dry with paper towel, cut into pieces in the thickness 2 see

Шаг 3

The fish with salt, sprinkle with lemon juice, season with spices.

Шаг 4

Carrots cut into rings, onion half-rings.

Шаг 5

Form suitable for microwave grease with vegetable oil, put a layer of sliced onions, lightly prisolit and pepper. On the onions carrots, sprinkle with oil, add 2 tbsp water and put in microwave for 7 min at a power of 800. Cook until soft carrots, if necessary, add another 30 seconds.

Шаг 6

On top lay the sliced fish, thickest part to place to the edge of the form so that it is evenly cooked. Put in 5 minutes at the same power, 800V, then give another 5 minutes to stand up in a disabled microwave.

Шаг 7

For sauce to the fish, boiled eggs clean, chop. Chop the greens.

Шаг 8

In a Cup put 100g of butter and melt in microwave

Шаг 9

In the butter the chopped eggs and herbs

Шаг 10

Season with salt and pepper, add 1/2 tsp of lemon juice, mix well.

Шаг 11

The fish is ready remove from microwave

Шаг 12

Put the fish on a plate

Шаг 13

On top of the fish to attach a delicious sauce

Шаг 14

Serve the fish with any side dish, vegetables