Sauce plum type, "Asparagus"

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Very beautiful, thick, fragrant sauce. A great addition to any meat, fish, grilled cheese. Based on the recipe from the site Daniaadd Iamcook.

Ingredients for Sauce plum type, "Asparagus"

Step by step instruction of cooking Sauce plum type, "Asparagus"

Шаг 1

Remove from plum pits and put in a saucepan. I have two pots (about 3 kg in each plums) - one sauce with cilantro, another with Basil.

Шаг 2

To prepare the garlic, pepper, spices and spicy herbs

Шаг 3

Put the saucepan with the plum on medium heat, add the salt, sugar and cook, stirring for 5-7 minutes. I first put sugar in the recipe, but towards the end of cooking to my taste was very sweet (maybe plum), instead of two tsp. in the recipe I put all six. Do not add water - drain immediately let the juice out.

Шаг 4

Chop the pepper and add it to the sauce

Шаг 5

Add Khmeli-suneli and cook for another 5 minutes

Шаг 6

Chop the cilantro and add to the first pan

Шаг 7

Chopped Basil put the second saucepan. Cook every sauce for another 5 minutes

Шаг 8

The garlic through a press and add to the sauce. Still boil for 5 minutes

Шаг 9

Remove the sauce from heat and use immersion blender to break the sauce.

Шаг 10

Return the sauce to the heat and boil for two or three minutes (careful, sauce "spits")

Шаг 11

Spread the sauce in sterilized jars

Шаг 12

Serve cold. Bon appetit! By the way, I liked the version with cilantro - it is more aromatic. And the sauce with the Basil color.