Eggs "Benedict"

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Good night... What can I do at night? To cook! Here's to you, beloved cooks, recipe!!! Amazing basic recipe of eggs Benedict. Basic! For Breakfast or mega late supper... Under vinchik...

Ingredients for Eggs "Benedict"

Step by step instruction of cooking Eggs "Benedict"

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On the Board lay plastic wrap. Brush with olive oil. At this time, place the saucepan with water to boil!

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Film, greased, place over a bowl and crack the egg!

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Tie wrap and dip in boiling water!

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Meanwhile... In butter... Toast a slice of favorite bread!

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All! Decorate a plate of salad and eggs... lay a piece of bread... And after 3 minutes of boiling on top put the egg Benedict!

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Bon appetit! It is a full orgasm! With a Cup of coffee... Tea... Wine...

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Bon appetit! Favorite!