Chicken liver with mushrooms in microwave

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This recipe is like from a fairytale, all you need to do is to put in the oven and say, Pot, cook!, Microwave works wonders. A soft tender liver, aroma of mushrooms, but with potatoes, here is the tale. And still the recipe a little addition, a few words about the potatoes will be discussed separately.

Ingredients for Chicken liver with mushrooms in microwave

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken liver with mushrooms in microwave

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And now, as I promised, separately, potatoes. The old-timers remember the Pillsbury cook Pickle Mayonnaise. Recently in SOC. I met him the recipe for "baked potato" and prepared. Share with you, and max thanks!
Melt in a pan with 40g of butter and fry 1 chopped onion.

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Add 400 g of potatoes, pour a small amount of water to just barely cover the potatoes, put the bouquet Garni (tie in a bundle of appropriate herbs) salt and pepper and simmer over low heat until tender. Serve hot, watering sauce in which it was stewed.

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Everything is prepared very simply.

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Tender, flavorful, delicious liver with mushrooms!

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Chicken liver wash, dry paper towel to remove all the unnecessary, coarsely chop.

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Slice the mushrooms in half, large in 4 parts.

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Tomato scalded with boiling water, then under cold water, remove skins and slice.

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Chop the garlic, slice the onion as you like.

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In a Cup put the liver on top of sliced onions and put into the microwave for 7 minutes, power 800V

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After 7 minutes take out, stir, put on top of mushrooms and tomato. Re-put in microwave for 5 min.