Soup from chicken potroshkov "Diversity"

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It's hearty, rich and lovely soup. Suitable for a variety of everyday menu for children and adults. The recipe comes from "the Book about tasty and healthy food", reprinted 2007.

Ingredients for Soup from chicken potroshkov "Diversity"

Step by step instruction of cooking Soup from chicken potroshkov "Diversity"

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What we will need.

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The giblets rinse thoroughly, cut off the extra fat. Cover with water and boil for five minutes, from the moment of boiling, periodically removing the foam. Remove with a slotted spoon from the broth, allow the giblets to cool slightly.

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With tomatoes remove the skin, pre-Gulf boiling water for 3-5 minutes and chop them convenient way for you. Blender, meat grinder or just very finely chopped.

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Onion finely chopped quarter rings and fry with oil until light Golden brown.

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Cooled giblets cut into small pieces, add to the onions, fry until lightly Browning.

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Put in the pan tomatoes and stew 4-5 minutes.

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Return the tripe with tomatoes in the broth, pour the rice and salt. Cook until the rice is tender, about 20 min.

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While cooking the soup, thoroughly mix sour cream with egg yolks.

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When the rice is ready, reduce heat to minimum to put the sour cream with the egg yolks in the soup. Warm up for about a minute. DO NOT BOIL. Add to taste the greens. All can be served, the soup is ready.

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Help yourself!

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Bon appetit!