Roasted sunflower seeds in the microwave

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For lovers of sunflower seeds, I am not myself, but sometimes, in, flip seeds is very desirable, and if you read on the Internet about their use, the desire to poloskati, will only increase. One can not understand why in the shops the price for a bag of sunflower seeds like they are grown on Mars... but do not be sad about and buy seeds at the market and cook for themselves. The business is 4 minutes.

Ingredients for Roasted sunflower seeds in the microwave

Step by step instruction of cooking Roasted sunflower seeds in the microwave

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The shortest recipe that I am sharing on the Cook. It's not even a recipe, this offer lovers of sunflower seeds, how to quickly to cook them in the microwave.
Raw sunflower seeds pour into a form suitable for the microwave, flatten and at a power of 800 W fry them for 4 minutes, just do not get it, let a few minutes stand up in a microwave.

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On request, seeds can be sprinkled with salt, stir and fry in the microwave.

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