Potatoes are "manly" in microwave

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I love my husband and try to cook him all sorts of sweets! But, unfortunately, time is not always enough! Sometimes after a hard day's work I do not want to stand at the stove! And in such moments, quick recipes simply irreplaceable! I want to offer you a super quick, mega simple but at the same time, mega delicious recipe, which to me once shared my friend! This recipe already has helped me many times! And husband very happy!

Ingredients for Potatoes are "manly" in microwave

Step by step instruction of cooking Potatoes are "manly" in microwave

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The number of ingredients listed for 1 serving!
Bacon cut into cubes of medium size and put it in a form for microwave. The form does not lubricated!

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Potatoes peel and cut into halves. I use small potatoes. If you have potatoes large size, cut into 4 pieces.
Put the potatoes in to the fat, season with salt and pepper and stir.

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To cook in microwave (with a power of 800W) for 7 minutes.
Then pull out of the microwave, drain fat.
Dill finely chop. Pour into shape for the potato with bacon and stir.

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You can bring to the table! Bon appetit with your men! ))