"Beer" chicken Breasts with an unusual side dish

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Dear Cooks. Me again and again with the option of chicken Breasts. Option evening. Sweet orange - juicy -- we often do just that. The breast turns out consistently tender and tasty.

Ingredients for "Beer" chicken Breasts with an unusual side dish

Step by step instruction of cooking "Beer" chicken Breasts with an unusual side dish

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Chicken breast rinse. To beat through the film with a hammer.

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Beer mixed with honey, soy soy sauce and garlic. Mix well. Add salt. Immerse Breasts. Cover with plastic wrap. A blanket or something warm for an hour.

Шаг 3

Incision breast mesh. So they are perfectly cooked through and will be beautiful. The sauce whole garlic to try to put the cuts in the chicken. Fry first with nadrezanno side. Flip. Add a little butter. Finish roasting it. So the chicken will be more tender! so did my grandma in childhood. I cook like her and remember her kind words.

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Mini macaroni salad... "Slices" cut the oranges without the peel. Only the pulp. Slice thin rings of red onion. Add a little olive oil and a drop of Apple cider vinegar. Pepper...

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Bon appetit! Warm. Fragrant. Honey-beer! This!

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