Macaroons, macaron, macaroon

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About those little, pleasing the eye with colors of the cupcakes I could talk forever))) with interest get acquainted with all the nuances of cooking, which I found. Made them and frantsuzskoi, and Italian merengue. Italian macaroons do it "pompeani" in French. Now I will share how to prepare Italian meringue (syrup brewing)

Ingredients for Macaroons, macaron, macaroon

Step by step instruction of cooking Macaroons, macaron, macaroon

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Here precision is required ( this is all always say)
The syrup for the meringue ( the recipe stated for 2 servings almond dough)
With sugar water to put on a quick fire, stir until boiling. Once boiling mass, disturb not. Bring to 122* and remove from heat

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Egg whites for meringue, mix with the salt and begin beating on medium speed, pouring in the syrup, the temperature of which dropped to 118* (cool down will take just a few minutes after removing from heat). When the mixture starts getting curvy, to increase the speed of whisking.
When the temperature of the protein mass reaches 35-40*, stop whisking.
To postpone

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Almond flour for the dough land in advance in the oven at 150* for 15 minutes
And measure already dried flour

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Almond paste with peel
The flour I sifted because of the waste in this case I have much more than sifted. But the graininess only appears when the mass is thick and dense.
But the powder I sift.
Mix 125 gr of powdered sugar and almond flour, add the zest, protein and mix well.
Get almond paste
If you add dye at this stage.

Шаг 5

Put the dough in a pastry bag
A simple round nozzle.
Tried no nozzles to do clumsy work )))

Шаг 6

To transplant on a silicone Mat ( I have one with markings and one without) or on baking paper. Today I had a new baking paper, on which was a good half macaroon.
Let them stand for 30 to 60 minutes that would feel crusty and does not stick to finger when touched

While drying, you can do the second test on the same principle

Шаг 7

Mix the almond flour, cocoa, powder, protein. And as a 2 time mixed with merengue

Шаг 8

Take out of oven and remove the Mat or paper from the hot pan. Allow to cool

Шаг 9

For mint cream is just whip all the ingredients. If You have fresh mint, polite and grind in a blender. Let the cream stand.

And you can start assembling the cooled halves

Шаг 10

Into the cream, add the lavender, to warm, to stand. Strain, add the melted chocolate, let cool slightly and add the butter. The mixture may be placed in a pastry bag and put it in the refrigerator

Шаг 11

Well, it is always possible for the filling, prepare the lemon Kurd, yolks of eggs left ))

Шаг 12

You can cook only one serving, then use half the weight of the ingredients to meringue and mix only one portion of the test

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