234 - 40 минут 4 порции

Hominy is a Moldovan national dish. Is a cool mixed porridge made of corn flour, which is cooked in a cauldron, served with bacon and salty cheese. Seems to be no what special, but very tasty.

Ingredients for Hominy

Step by step instruction of cooking Hominy

Шаг 1

Pour cornmeal in a large kettle, put the rolling pin (rocker) in the middle cauldron,

Шаг 2

Fill with water, add salt and stir

Шаг 3

Put on fire and bring to boiling, stirring occasionally once it boils, make a small fire and cook for 35-40 minutes, you need to constantly interfere with the rocking chair

Шаг 4

Cut the fat or the bacon,

Шаг 5

And fry in the pan, if the bacon is not salty salt and pepper

Шаг 6

The three cheese on a coarse grater

Шаг 7

As will be 35-40 min and begins to lag the crust on the pot, take out the rocking chair and gently overturn the cauldron with the polenta on a clean towel or cutting Board,

Шаг 8

When things cool down, something you can take with your hands, you can eat:break off a piece of Hominy, pork rinds dip first then into the cheese, very tasty! Bon appetit!