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Traditional Armenian soup made of matsun, very light and tasty. The cooking takes about half an hour. Easy to digest, ideal diet during recovery, especially after the problems with the stomach. Very useful for children, especially if they don't like dairy products.

Ingredients for Saved

Step by step instruction of cooking Saved

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Here are the main products

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Gradually, all the while whisking add the yogurt, and then add water and stir until smooth.

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Add cooked grits and put on gas. At the same time I fried the finely chopped onion until Golden brown in butter.

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Onion fry on low fire so that was soft and in any case not dark.

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Finely chop the washed and drained greens.

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Saved cooking over low heat, bring to a boil, add the greens and remove from heat. Boil is not necessary saved can be curtailed. Leave to stand, covered for 10-15 minutes and enjoy delicious and healthy soup. Bon appetit.