Lard and cracklings

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Lard (lard) – it's a fat vytaplivaete of pork fat. Sometimes to make it, take suet, as I consider it unsuitable for other purposes. It drowned out of lard, fat scraps, and subcutaneous fat, from interior (intestinal) fat. Lard and cracklings are great for cereals, soups, baking. And if you add salt, spices, herbs and spread on a slice of bread - a great snack!

Ingredients for Lard and cracklings

Step by step instruction of cooking Lard and cracklings

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All we need is a suet or scraps, if with the skin, it should be cut. Grind the fat, put in a bowl multivarki. Mode include "Fighting" for 4 hours.

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With the help of a slow cooker we get cracklings, not fried, but tender and soft. When added to any dish they are almost dissolved.

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The resulting lard is poured into clean, dry jars and preserve. Cracklings separately.
Banks stored in a cool place.