Fricassee of shellfish

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Fricassee - a dish of French cuisine, which literally translates as "sundries", from the French verb fricasser, to "fried, stewed". Fricassee usually made of veal, chicken or rabbit. But there are options of pigeon meat, pork and lamb. In fact - braised stew with cream. In the fricassee are also often added mushrooms, green peas, asparagus, capers. I want to offer the option fricassee of shellfish with mushrooms and spinach.

Ingredients for Fricassee of shellfish

Step by step instruction of cooking Fricassee of shellfish

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1. Onions and garlic, peel the pepper and remove the seeds. Onion cut into half rings, garlic and pepper in small dice.

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2. Brine cut into pieces. Mushrooms if you want to cut, I was fine.

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3. In skillet, heat half the oil, fry the onions until transparent, add the mushrooms and fry until light Golden brown.

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4. In another frying pan, heat the other half of the oil, put the garlic and chilli, stir, add the brine, fry for 2-3 minutes.

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5. To connect the brine with onion mixture, add the spinach, stir so that the spinach "wilted".

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6. Then add the cream, leave on the fire for a moment.

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Bon appetit!