Pancakes with peas and tomatoes

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Another option is delicious, lush, fragrant and not sweet pancakes on the serum. The harmonious combination of foods and taste sensations will not leave you indifferent. Pancakes are good for Breakfast, but still tasty to eat with the soup. Help yourself!!!

Ingredients for Pancakes with peas and tomatoes

Step by step instruction of cooking Pancakes with peas and tomatoes

Шаг 1

Beat egg with salt and serum

Шаг 2

Add the dried tomatoes. If not, replace with chopped dried or fresh remove the skin and finely chop. Mix

Шаг 3

Add soda and flour, mix thoroughly

Шаг 4

Add peas, and frozen to boil. Mix gently. Fry pancakes on medium-high heat with two sides with the lid closed in a small amount of vegetable oil.