Pie Gagarin

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There is a legend of the origin of the name of this cake. After the first flight in space Gagarin was invited to visit a socialist country. In one of these countries he was offered for dessert, a cake that really liked the first cosmonaut. Since this cake is called the "Pie Gagarin". It is similar to the cake that can be enjoyed on any celebration.

Ingredients for Pie Gagarin

Step by step instruction of cooking Pie Gagarin

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6. Beat with a mixer yolks with sugar. In beaten yolks gradually add the soft butter and continue to beat until smooth, then add soda, slaked vinegar. A few more seconds stir and remove the mixer. The nozzle of the mixer be sure to wash and dry (mixer with these attachments we will soon need for whipping proteins).

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7. In a creamy mass add gradually the sifted flour and quickly knead the dough hands. The finished dough divided into 3 parts.

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8. To one portion beat in cocoa.
When kneading the dough with cocoa may crumble - this is normal. Wrap all three pieces in plastic wrap or put in plastic bags and put into the freezer.

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9. Immediately begin to prepare protein-honey mass.
Get whites out of the fridge, add to them a pinch of salt and start whipping with a mixer on low speed, gradually adding 5 tablespoons of sugar, increasing the speed and whisking until resistant foam.
Continue whisking, gradually adding all the jelly. It turns out the resistant mass, as for meringue. (in the photo had to shift whites in a large bowl for whipping, because mug for whipping was too small)

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11. Take out from the oven and allow to cool cake in the baking pan. As soon as the cake has cooled, get it out of shape. Optionally the cake can be sprinkled with powdered sugar.

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12. Pie is very similar to a cake.

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13. Bon appetit!

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14. Note.
To make whipped protein and honey weight are some tips:
Eggs must be fresh.
In the preparation of protein mass all utensils must be dry.
When protein is separated from the yolk, yolk in any case must not fall into the protein.