Chicken baked with pumpkin and potatoes

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In the menu, no chicken not! And the pumpkin I respect! But if you connect them, you can dish to love! A little bit of garlic, onions and potatoes! And still need to be happy, we simple marinade! All! Ready! Bake! And favorite treat! Useful and for dinner, great for lunch! Maybe someone will need such a simple recipe!

Ingredients for Chicken baked with pumpkin and potatoes

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken baked with pumpkin and potatoes

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For the marinade: mix the oil, soy sauce, sugar, mustard, spices.

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The pumpkin and the potatoes cut into cubes (slices as you like), onion cut into half rings, garlic pass through the frog, or crush with a knife (it will be more fragrant).

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Fold the vegetables into a bowl, add marinade, mix well.

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Chicken rinse, Pat dry with paper towel, RUB with marinade, lifting the skin, like a stocking, then the top skins.

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Next, combine the chicken with the vegetables, mix well (check in spices), and leave at least an hour longer.

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To put all in a baking dish, preheat the oven to 180%, and send bake for 35-45 minutes (watch for readiness, not to overdry)

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It is possible to try.

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Bon appetit!