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Baeckeoffe (Baeckeoffe) is a dish of Alsatian cuisine. Alsace - East of France, has experienced the strong influence of German neighbours. In the Alsatian kitchen is a beautiful combination of profusion and simplicity of rustic German cuisine with French finesse and elegance. Alsatian cuisine is a family and happily welcoming. It involves a crowded festive meal. So, baeckeoffe... To Haute cuisine, this dish has nothing to do, probably Sunday the food of the common people, is literally translated "pot Baker".

Ingredients for Bakeoff

Step by step instruction of cooking Bakeoff

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It is quite clear that there can be a strict recipe for this dish.
For cooking meat should be marinated in advance.
Medium-sized pieces cut the flesh of pork, lamb and beef.

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Add coarsely chopped onion, crushed garlic finely cut rings and carrots.

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Add salt, all of the above seasonings: pepper, thyme, marjoram, Bay leaf and the bunch of greens. Pour a dry white wine.

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Mix all and put in a cold place for a day to marinate meat.

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Take a pan, put layers of meat with vegetables, add chopped onion and bunch the rest in a marinade of green.

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Krupnosortnyj put on top of potatoes. The original is even put on top of a quartered pear.

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Pour the remaining marinade. Cover the pot with foil (and in some sources even recommend to glue the lid to the pot with dough), cover with a lid and put in heated to 180 degrees oven for 2-2.5 hours.

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Baeckeoffe served hot in the same form in which the dish was cooked.
Bon appetit!