Potato salad with chicken gizzards

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A very simple salad, you might say rustic. The original used chicken gizzards, cooked in a special way. But I simplified the recipe, and I came out worse.

Ingredients for Potato salad with chicken gizzards

Step by step instruction of cooking Potato salad with chicken gizzards

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I chicken gizzards were boiled for 30 minutes with spices (salt, allspice, herbs). In the original method of cooking the stomach requires much more time (including salting about 15-20 hours) and stomachs are soft. My stomachs a little crunchy and I like that better. To cut the finished stomachs.

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Potatoes are also pre-boil in their skins and clean. I choose very small potatoes of a walnut. Cut into quarters.

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Take tomatoes of the same size as the potatoes and cut into quarters.

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The salad pick the small leaves from midway, if you want to break it. Add the sliced gizzards.

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Parsley and dill, garlic and chilli finely chopped

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And mix all the ingredients for the filling. Pour the salad, mix well, add salt and pepper to taste. Leave to soak for an hour, stirring occasionally.