Chicken Breasts in Normandy

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It is known that Normandy is famous for its apples and of course, recipes of chicken in Normandy, there are many. To use this recipe with the ignition of the alcohol, I somehow do not dare, but this recipe attracted me with its simple execution and availability of ingredients. Visiting the famous French trading network, I realized that one of the main ingredients - cider - no problem, I finally decided. The original recipe featured a hen or chicken.

Ingredients for Chicken Breasts in Normandy

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken Breasts in Normandy

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The products that we need

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Sliced breast pieces dry with a paper towel and RUB the soft butter (about 3 tbsp), salt and lemon zest, in a saucepan or deep frying pan, in hot oil, fry until Golden brown.

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In another pan in vegetable oil until transparent pripuskaet coarsely chopped onion and chopped garlic plates

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With fried breast arrange the onion with the garlic, put Bay leaf, blend of herbs, fragrant ground pepper to taste, pour the water and cider, 2 tbsp lemon juice (chicken should be covered with the sauce by half or 2/3), cover and put into the oven until tender for 30-40 minutes

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Apples cut into large slices, sprinkle with remaining lemon juice

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IN a pan heat remaining butter, add the sugar and stew our apples until tender, but so that the slices remained intact

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Ready take out the chicken carefully onto a plate. In the remaining sauce and pour cream sauce uvarivaniem about half.. Return to sauce the chicken pour the sauce, put the apples, cover and bake it in the oven (200град) for 15 minutes.