Soup Julien almost a classic

67 - 60 минут 4 порции

The name Julien originated from the French julienne, which means "July". In French cooking in the summer season it was customary to prepare the soups for which young vegetables cut in a special way - very thin, fine strips. Since then, this method of cutting is called cutting - Julien. Also referred to as salads and soups, prepared with thinly sliced vegetables. It should be noted that Russian Julien as a hot appetizer with the indispensable mushrooms and cheese to the French Julien is irrelevant. I have sliced a normal dice, so I called your soup is almost a classic. Recipe taken from the book "French Recipes" ("Les recettes de la cuisine francaise")

Ingredients for Soup Julien almost a classic

Step by step instruction of cooking Soup Julien almost a classic

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Prepare the ingredients

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Vegetables finely chop. Melt in a pan the butter and lightly fry the onions, carrots, stalk and turnips, not allowing them to darken

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Put the vegetables in a pan, add the remaining ingredients, pour in the broth, salt, pepper and cook on low heat for 45 minutes

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Before serving put in the dish with the soup sour cream

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And enjoy a light and delicate French soup! Bon appetit!