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Cooking time60 минут Number of servings4

Ingredients for "Shrimp+bananas=yum"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking "Shrimp+bananas=yum"

Step 1

Boil chicken broth, add CURRY (to taste).
After that, the broth takes on a mustard-yellow color.

Step 2

Then take 4 pieces unripe bananas, slice them into circles and fry them 10 minutes in vegetable oil (the broth has an interesting taste - potato), then fry the onion (pre-sliced half-rings).

Step 3

Separately boil the peeled shrimp (preferably larger size).

Step 4

Mix these ingredients and 3-5 min. to boil.

Step 5

Then be sure to slice the fennel (preferably more) and add 2 mins before serving.

Step 6

P. S. chicken meat can be used instead of shrimp, cut into medium-sized pieces(better to use broth for chicken Breasts). You can add a little salt and pepper, to taste.