Lagman europasymphony

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There are many recipes for this wonderful dish, but I like quick kitchen and do not know how to pull noodles. The recipe is largely modernized and is different from the original, so I would venture to still submit it separately. Photos not very much, really wanted to quickly sit at the table. But I will try to give detailed comments.

Ingredients for Lagman europasymphony

Step by step instruction of cooking Lagman europasymphony

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1. Meat cut into medium pieces. And drop it into the heated casserole (I have no cauldron). (Oil is not poured, the dish has not turned out too oily). The fire should be moderate and the meat should gradually start to give water and slightly browned.
2. While the meat is roasted - cut the onion into cubes and add to the meat. Stir and fry until Golden brown.
3. Finely cut pepper and carrots into small cubes. Added to the patch. Stir. Continue to fry.

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4. Cut the tomatoes and garlic. Garlic I prefer to cut krupenko, otherwise the taste will be lost. Added to the patch.
5. Get the beans, not defrosting, pour the same direction. Stir and continue to roast (if that is the appropriate word, the tomatoes give a lot of water, so stew rather than fry)
6. Add spices to taste (add salt later)

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7. Now topped up with water (boiling water) and immediately throw in it the potatoes, diced.
8. Stir and leave to languish on low heat for 1-1. 5 hours.
9. While preparing meat, take care of the cooking pasta. I took wheat noodles "Udon", and so her cooking took me very little time.