Chicken with pumpkin

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Wanted to make a simple and delicious dinner of meat and potatoes... loved the recipe of the cook Jyuliya called "chicken in the egg-cheese filling" - and solved - for dinner tonight chicken with potatoes... But - of these ingredients in the house was only yogurt, cheese and egg... And, horror of horrors, no potatoes!!! The rain on the street, and casseroles like! In the end had to experiment and call for help a pumpkin that is in the house not even eating one!!! Gave neighbor and I did a piece to add to the children's soup. Porridge I do not cook, my pumpkin pancakes, not happy, tried to bake the thrown. And then decided - what will be will be... my Husband just told that this is not become... Well, not... I was offended and went to the kitchen, taking the camera. The result - after half an hour in the kitchen became husband and said that he probably will try.. I Tried and said - well, why do you potatoes ( and I without potatoes a day) you can't eat pumpkin!!! And I'll be happy only tomorrow is chicken prepare with pork. And even though the chicken recipe, but I will make it from pork, sliced into strips. And so we quarreled and made up and discovered a new taste! I hope You have to the table. It's very quick and easy and really tasty! By the way, for the weekend come to visit the mother - in-law here and try it as a festive dish with pork.

Ingredients for Chicken with pumpkin

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken with pumpkin

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Clean the pumpkin, the onion, and slice them. Onion half-rings, pumpkin slices 2-3 mm.
The pumpkin lay in the form of a layer 3-5 see I Have a form of Teflon, so I just wet it with water. You can probably a little oil to anoint, but I have not burnt.
Bow to put on the pumpkin in a single layer.
Sprinkle with seasoning - I had the mixture for the chicken which consisted of: salt, garlic, coriander, white mustard, red bell pepper, Chile, tmean, oregano, black pepper, plus I added a teaspoon of dry rosemary, but I think you can use any seasoning to taste.

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To fill took cheese, yogurt (made myself) and egg

Шаг 3

Cheese grater, but then I thought that a little and added another egg

Шаг 4

Whipped and added a little seasoning

Шаг 5

The mixture was poured meat with pumpkin, shape a little Patrese that the liquid is well distributed and in the oven at 180 degrees for about 40 minutes.

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Arrange on plates and enjoy your meal - flavorful meat with a side dish ready.