Svan salt

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Again I come to you with seasoning and garlic again))) But what a wonderful seasoning it! Residents of Georgia surely know the famous Svanetian salt. I do not claim the authenticity of the recipe, especially the claim that he is kept in strict secret, and even in Georgia buy a real Svanetian salt is not easy. The recipe was found online and added my own.

Ingredients for Svan salt

Step by step instruction of cooking Svan salt

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Svan salt came to us from the Georgian region of Svaneti. This spice consists of at least eight components: salt, garlic and spices. From spices to Svan salt includes coriander seeds (coriander), dill seeds, fenugreek blue (or utsho-suneli), cumin seeds wild (I such did not find, so used normal), red pepper searing and Imereti saffron (Tagetes). It Imereti saffron is a required component of the Svan salt.
All spices must be ground, can not to a powder.
I have fenugreek seeds and fennel crushed in a coffee grinder, but not electric, and manual - with the chafing stand out more essential oils. Spice mix with salt.

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I decided to vary the recipe and make two kinds of salt: the "pink" and "green". To do this, divide the spice mixture into two equal parts.
In one part add 1 teaspoon of dried dill.

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In another part of the added sumac. Again, the spice mix.

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In both mixtures, add chopped garlic. The ideal option would be grinding in a stone mortar. I have none, so I just pushed the garlic through the press.

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Finely grind spices with garlic. It turns out mass resembling wet sand.

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Seasoning is ready, but it is better to dry it for some time. I laid in the evening on leaves of parchment, and in the morning seasoning has dried.

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Spread Svan salt jars, sealed and stored in a dry place.
I got two kinds of Svan salt - "green" and "pink".
"Green" use everywhere, especially for the first and vegetable dishes.
"Pink" I intended for meat dishes (sour sumac softens the meat, replacing the vinegar or lemon).