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And again, Oriental sweets, which are prepared for the wedding in Algeria. While they are here, I'll tell You what... 300 people is so-so... the traditions and customs of weddings at the end of the recipe, as always, he is not difficult))) Come and get it)))

Ingredients for Msuic

Step by step instruction of cooking Msuic

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Here are our ingredients, as you can see the different nuts grinding. Immediately turn on the oven to heat up to 180 C

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Mix well the walnuts finely ground with sugar, then add the zest of one lime or small lemon and stir again. Begin to knead the dough... To dry ingredients add 3 tbsp restofline, but not hot margarine or butter (what you want), mix and add 1 whole egg and the yolk of the second egg (the protein we will need later)

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And here are our msuic himself... Msuic in Darija (Aircargo dialect) means a ball of entangled thread))) Well here somehow so this is a treat.

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Now our new heading))) "Familiarity with Algeria". On this photo you can see the Botanical garden Essay du Amma it is located in the capital of Algeria, is remarkably beautiful... ponds, alley, very green! The garden was founded in 1832 and is still one of the most important in the world.

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And now about the Algerian wedding... Predshestvuet this event Fatiha (the engagement), that is, when a man and a woman before God, become husband and wife, for musulmana it is even more important Registrar. So... a Man should definitely give at least a ring (in the photo the whole set), but here in Algeria it is two rings))) one is thinner, the second wider and with a large stone - this is the engagement ring. Also, the bride should announce the mahr, that is, names her price for agreeing to marry this man, he is obliged to perform dunnoe promise for their life together, not necessarily immediately... ;-)

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Wedding day women and men eat and rest in different rooms... the Bride and guests make the mehendi, the tables groaning with food and sweets, loud music, women, girls & baby cry "Yuyuyu," thus alerting you that in this house the wedding; they are interested in dancing jerking and twisting, and belly