Granny's pie

434 - 60 минут 1 порции

Minimum products, maximum flavor. Minimum effort, maximum pleasure. Bake it very simple. Kneaded dough is sent in the oven and can go about their business. Its unusual aroma will not let you forget about him.

Ingredients for Granny's pie

Step by step instruction of cooking Granny's pie

Шаг 1

Prepare the ingredients. Soda with vinegar do not forget.

Шаг 2

Step 1: Peel the apples and grate them on a grater. Yet three at the same time, melt the margarine.

Шаг 3

Step 2: When you grate the apples, add sugar, margarine, soda slaked vinegar, and vanilla. All khoroshenko mix up and now place the flour. Flour filled the Cup, it 250 ml.

Шаг 4

Step 5: somewhere for 15 minutes until cooked pie, I start making the frosting. Mix cocoa with sugar, pour milk, mix everything and put on a very small fire. Piece by piece add the margarine. Stir. (if you make dry milk, first mix milk with cocoa and sugar, and then add water). Bring to full dissolution of sugar.

Шаг 5

Here is the icing when ready.

Шаг 6

Step 6: Take cake out of the oven and get rid of stress, poking him from the heart, skewer or long thin knife. The more the better.

Шаг 7

Step 7: Cover the frosting if you want and cut the pie apart and lube the inside, too, so more will be tastier. Allow to harden. I put the pie in a cool place for an hour, but you can on all night. The longer it stand, the tastier it becomes. And then enjoy a piece of cake.