Pilaf with steamed rice in a slow cooker

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The site already has a few recipes of pilaf, but their diversity is so great that I suggest another recipe. This time the pilaf is cooked from steamed rice.

Ingredients for Pilaf with steamed rice in a slow cooker

Step by step instruction of cooking Pilaf with steamed rice in a slow cooker

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Cut the meat into small pieces.

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Carrots three on a coarse grater.

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Cut onion into cubes. Garlic, half of the head, press with a knife.

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In slow cooker add a little oil, in the mode of "Baking" the onion and garlic, fry for a few minutes until the strong smell of garlic, add the meat and fry for 5-7 minutes.

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Then add the carrots, stir fry all together for 7-10 minutes. ( I always, before roasting, carrots knead until it will give the juice)

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Next step pour the rice.

Шаг 7

Add salt, pepper, seasoning. Mix everything together, fry for two minutes, stirring...

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Translate multiverse mode "Pilaf". Pour in the water.

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Miraculously today I am preparing also a "Collector" on pork chops... So filled risotto broth the Way... here is such a "Kuban borsch"

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Add to the pilaf Bay leaf, parsley, pepper and remaining garlic and cook... Close to the signal...

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Bon appetit!